Spring = Youth Led Donor Meeting Season!


Blog post by Sub/Urban Justice youth leader Mary about what the process of leading donor meetings has been like:

“Thank you classism for making the act of asking for money unbearably comfortable. But special thanks to the donors for not taking your paws out and making it as sweet as honey (these bear puns are wonderful, are they not?).

Prior to the donor meetings, I was quite scared. In my culture, asking for money is a sign of weakness and is somewhat disrespectful. Now, I was supposed to do exactly that. Nevertheless, as one of the donors told me in the meeting “We all have to ask for money because we can’t do our work without it.” My love for Sub/Urban Justice and my belief in what we do, made me feel confident (didn’t diminish my uncomfortably) in asking for support. The amount of empowerment and education we do is setting up a generation of changemakers. Sub/Urban Justice is also teaching us, the youth, how to develop an essential skill of asking for money.

After about 5 donor meetings, I can proudly say that I’m am no longer uncomfortable with asking for money to support such an amazing program. I can also say that I’ve met a lot of really cool people from college support to airplane labor unions. Donor meetings have been made possible through Sub/J. I think that so far, we’ve raised about $3,900 and have blessed many teens with a lot more confidence.”

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