In the Media

Youth Civic Engagement

  • Olivia, 16 of Arlington, calls young people up to the challenge of cultivating courage over fear in the era of Trumpism. In The Boston Globe.
  • Ari, Hannah and Javier showed up to witness the Newton City Council vote declaring Newton a sanctuary city for immigrants under xenophobic federal policy. See The Boston Globe coverage.

Racial Justice and Police Brutality

  • Mary speaks out in The New York Times the following week after the police officer who killed Eric Garner is not indicted to demand that the justice system begin working for the people.

Raising the Minimum Wage

  • A first hand perspective on youth-led direct action in support of raising the minimum wage on the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Blue Boat Blog.
  • At our 200 person youth-led action, teen organizers made the Metro! Page 3.

Diesel Emission Reduction

  • Victory on environmental justice issues in Brookline from Wicked Local.
  • From Brookline High School’s student-run Sagamore newspaper on environmental justice, racism, and asthma.

Economic Justice

  • Youth leaders Christopher, 16 of Dorchester, and Owen, 18 of Newton on organizing for progressive taxation at Progressive Massachusetts.