About Us

Our Mission

Boston Mobilization develops and empowers teen leaders for social justice. Through popular education, community organizing and connecting across difference, our teen leaders move local communities toward justice.

Our History

Boston Mobilization (originally Mobilization for Survival and Beyond) has been a part of so many powerful moments of change during its almost 4 decades of operation.  For a pictorial history of some of our work, watch our short slideshow about Boston Mobe’s work over the years.  Some of you may recognize moments from campaigns like…

Opposing the buildup of nuclear weapons…  Challenging US sponsored wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua…  Working against the institution of a draft, including in high schools…  Fighting Apartheid in South Africa…  Working for a just peace in the Middle East…  Standing with the disappeared of Argentina…  Working for GLBTQ rights…  Opposing the Iraq Wars…  Registering college students to vote…  Publishing Spark! – a monthly anti-racism publication…  Working to challenge the building of a Level 4 Bio-terror lab in Roxbury…

More recently, we’ve been (pre)registering voters, reducing toxic diesel emissions, winning more funding for youth summer jobs, raising progressive revenue at the state level and pushing for a raise in the minimum wage. Come join us!