At Boston Mobilization, we believe young people have the power to make a HUGE difference in our world! In the past decade we’ve trained hundreds of teenagers on the power of civic-engagement, the importance of voting, understanding the state budget and how the state government works (See picture below of Heaven and Ezra – two of our Sub/Urban Justice Fellows – working with the BoyzIIMen youth program in Cambridge).

We are excited to take advantage of a BIG moment in Massachusetts, as pre-registration of 16 and 17 year olds was rolled out for the first time. Beginning this past August 2016, 16 and 17 year olds became eligible to pre-register to vote so when they turn 18, they are registered to vote.

After hard and successful work from the election modernization coalition and our partners at MassVOTE, we are proud to have been funded to do some significant state-wide civic engagement work over the next 3 years.


Our model of teens training their peers to run in-school workshops has received widespread approval, and has the potential to be a national model.  This spring/summer talented youth leaders will be trained to go on to train others at their schools.