Our Board

Boston Mobilization is grateful to be supported by a phenomenal Board of Directors. Our 2016-2017 Board members are:

Tamar Brandes-Krug is from Medford, Massachusetts and is a junior in high school. She has been involved in Boston Mobilization for the past two years where she has explored various social justice issues and worked for change. At Sub/Urban Justice, Tamar facilitates trainings on issues such as class and race. She is very dedicated to social justice and is currently working on bringing localized social justice to her school through a program that incorporates discussion with education.

Nina Mukherji (Co-Chair) has been organizing and leading social justice work for 15 years. She is the Director of Programs at Real Food Challenge, a national organization that leverages the power of youth and universities to create a more just and sustainable food system. Nina grew up in Brooklyn, NY in a family with Jewish and Quaker and Hindu roots and a history of organizing for social change. Previously, was the Lead Organizer at Boston Mobilization during the youth jobs and diesel campaigns. She has also organized for urban open space, environmental issues, ending the Iraq war, LGBT rights, tenants’ rights, and campaign finance reform. She holds a B.A. from Carleton College and an M.A. in conservation biology and sustainable development from the University of Wisconsin. In her spare time, Nina loves playing music, exploring urban parks and discussing philosophy.

Mary Neguse is a junior in high school. A second generation Eritrean-American, she was born in Boston and moved to Medford, yet still keeps her ties to her Back Bay home. She has been involved with Boston Mobilization for two years now, and is a participant in the Sub/Urban Justice program for teens. It has provided her with a space to work for social justice related change, leading and facilitating workshops about class and wealth, gender, race, and more. Her passions include empowering other youth to take action to promote social change, and engaging in internal and external education through dialogue across communities.

Will Poff-Webster grew up in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston and participated in Sub/Urban Justice’s first summer in 2007. After learning about issues of race, class, and gender justice with Mobe, Will helped lead a student campaign against budget cuts while in 11th grade in the Boston Public Schools. These experiences of youth leadership inspired him to continue BPS student organizing while in college through the Boston Student Advisory Council. Will graduated college in 2014 and worked in Delhi, India on climate change research. He is now back in Jamaica Plain, reconnecting with Boston and working at the Massachusetts State House. In his free time, Will likes improv comedy, bike paths and late-night conversations.

Erin Rodriguez  (Co-Chair) has spent 12 years at YouthBuild USA, Inc. and is currently the Vice President of Program Operations.  Erin creates and implements systems that allow the many staff and teams at YouthBuild’s international headquarters to work in a coordinated way to improve service to local YouthBuild programs around the world.  Erin believes in the power of young people to bring about positive change for themselves and their community.  Erin joined the board of Boston Mobilization in July of 2015 in order to contribute to an organization that educates and organizes teens in her own community.  Erin lives in Somerville, MA with her family which includes two teens on their own path of understanding systems of oppression and working to change them.