We’re Hiring – Interim Executive Director!

Position: Interim Executive Director

Hours: 32 hours/week*

Reports to: Board of Directors

*Boston Mobilization and The City School are seeking an interim Executive Director, or two interim co-Executive Directors, for a four-month period with the option to apply for a permanent Executive Director position at the end of that time. The position is posted at 32 hours/week, although we are open to applications from candidates who would be available for fewer hours than that, and/or who are interested in a part-time co-Executive Director position which is a model that has been successful for The City School and Boston Mobilization in the past. Please contact hiring@thecityschool.org with any questions about the structure/hours for the position.

Organizational Background: Boston Mobilization and The City School are long-standing partner organizations who, in 2017, entered into an affiliation agreement to mutually strengthen and stabilize their work. The interim Executive Director will be the acting E.D. (or co-E.D.) for both organizations.

Boston Mobilization (BM) was founded in 1977 as part of a national movement for workers rights and smart green energy. Since then we have taken leadership and support roles in a wide variety of social justice campaigns. Our work continues to be developing the next generation of social justice leaders through our powerful trainings, our community organizing campaign work, our mentorship of young leaders and our transformational youth programs.

Boston Mobilization’s key programming includes:

● Sub/Urban Justice runs both during the school year and summer. It is a leadership development program for teens from Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline and other nearby communities. Teen leaders

● Social Justice Leadership Institute (SJLI) is an interactive retreat that joins student leaders from New England independent schools to learn, connect and take action. Focused on individual identity development, expanded political analysis, personal leadership skills and network transformation tools, SJLI supports students to acquire a deeper understanding of how systems of race, class, gender and sexuality impact our lives and the lives of our peers.

● Workshops and Trainings is a fee-for-service offering in which teen leaders and staff train hundreds of young people and adults each year on a variety of social justice issues.

The City School (TCS) works with young people ages 13-19 living in Boston and its surrounding suburbs who are emerging leaders with a passion for social justice. Our community intentionally crosses lines of race, class, gender, and neighborhood. The City School’s key programming includes: ● The Summer Leadership Program (SLP) provides young people with an exciting, powerful, diverse and fun summer of community building, self rediscovery, leadership skills, action projects, internships at local nonprofits, and challenging seminars to strengthen and exercise their own powerful voices for change.

● Pathways of Change, our school year program, offers pathways for youth to develop as educators, organizers and advocates, and organizational leaders. Each pathway is rooted in training and mentorship and supports participants (first as youth and later as adults) to become effective leaders for social justice.

● The Social Justice Education Institute (SJEI) is a fee-for-service program for schools and community based organizations who want to deepen their knowledge, skill and culture around social justice.

● The City School also manages fiscal sponsorship for several groups and hosts and co-leads the Unnamed Awesome Coalition (a coalition of youth organizing programs).

Living Our Values: Boston Mobilization and The City School work to reflect our organizational values in the structure of our board and staff. We practice a consensus based model of staff decision-making and are constantly striving towards a flatter and broader, rather than a hierarchical, staffing structure.

Our values are enacted in the following ways:

1. We believe in creating and using a leadership model in which youth are involved in all parts of our organization from governance to programming and can continue growing into leadership positions all the way up to the Executive Director.

2. We practice an organizational culture in which each person both learns from and teaches others. For example, each staff person has programming responsibilities such as mentoring youth or teaching as well as fundraising and administrative learning.

3. The Board of Directors is comprised of youth from the programs, alumni, parents and community allies, and everyone has an equal vote. Thus, the role of the Interim Executive Director is slightly different than at other non-profits and requires flexibility, openness, and a true belief in and commitment to supporting and promoting youth leadership in word and deed.

BASIC FUNCTIONS: The Interim Executive Director (IED) is responsible for maintaining continuity and overseeing the overall administration, development, fiscal management, program and facilities operations of  Boston Mobilization and The City School. The IED maintains broad oversight of the needs of the organization, maintains a well functioning and cohesive staff, and upholds an organizational culture that embraces our mission and purpose of youth leadership, across difference, for justice. This person directs the agency according to the strategies and policies developed and approved by the Board of Directors and, with the Board Chair, enables the Board to fulfill its governance function. Finally, the IED manages the leadership transition for Boston Mobilization and The City School by working with the staff, youth, and board to develop and implement the initial months of a 1-year transition plan towards long-term leadership and staffing. The responsibilities in this job description will be adapted and finalized based on the skills of the selected Interim Executive Director / Interim co-Executive directors. During the six-month engagement, board, staff, transition committee, and consultants may assist with some responsibilities or support with coaching and professional development for the Interim Executive Director / Interim co-Executive Directors.

RESPONSIBILITIES Transition Management – Work with Board, transition committee, adult staff, youth staff/participants, and community partners to create a one-year transition plan and implement the initial months of the plan – Provide critical perspective and strategic thinking to help assess and strengthen Boston Mobilization and The City School’s systems, staff development, programming, and administrative processes throughout the transition – Coordinate with board and staff to explore options and pursue an official merger between Boston Mobilization and The City School Board of Directors – Support and strengthen board development in priority areas during the transition to the next permanent staff/board structure – Work with Board Chair to plan Board of Director meetings, attend all Board meetings, and maintain regular communication with the board between meetings Staff Management – Enhance staff cohesion and support all staff to work effectively as a team – Attend weekly staff meetings and plan quarterly staff retreats – Provide individual supervision to full-time staff members, administrative staff, and consultants at Boston Mobilization and The City School – Manage hiring of administrative staff, work with program staff to manage hiring of program staff, and manage administrative onboarding of all new staff Programs, Coalitions, and Fiscally Sponsored Groups – Support and supervise senior program staff who plan and implement core programming – Work with staff to represent the Unnamed Awesome Coalition and support the work of that collective – Oversee relationships and administrative/financial responsibilities with coalition programs and fiscally sponsored organizations, including upholding memoranda of understanding, ensuring proper management of program funds, and tracking balances – Fulfill key administrative, fundraising, and financial responsibilities needed for programs – Keep informed of critical issues pertaining to program operations Finances and Compliance – Ensure that sound financial practices are maintained – Oversee, with the Board Treasurer, discussion and vote on Budget FY20 for both Boston Mobilization and TCS – Review and approve all expenditures of funds, in conjunction with the Treasurer and the Finance Committee – Supervise and work with bookkeeper and financial consultant on ongoing financial operations, payroll and benefits, legal and tax filings, and coordinate with Board Finance committee and Treasurer – Monitor FY’19 and FY’20 budget and agency financial condition, track key indicators of financial health, work with bookkeeper and financial consultant on key reports and schedules, and provide regular updates to the Board – Participate in Board Finance Committee meetings – Jointly, with the Board Chair and Clerk, conduct official correspondence of the organization, and jointly, with designated officers, execute legal documents – Bottom-line the safety of staff and participants, and responsibility for managing risk and liability Development & Communications – Work with Board Fundraising Committee and grantwriter on fundraising, including: – Plan and execute a successful Celebrating Change fundraising event, and oversee general donor fundraising – Keep track of and submit grants and grant reports – Review and adapt the grants and fundraising plan for the July 2018-June 2019 fiscal year and create a grants and fundraising plan for the next fiscal year – Meet fundraising goals for the July 2018-June 2019 fiscal year and the beginning of the next fiscal year – Establish and maintain relationships with funders, representing Boston Mobilization and The City School – Oversee marketing and communications, including online presence, profiles on giving sites, and donor communication – Work with program staff to represent in coalitions, networks, and relationships with community partners – Oversee office administration and property management – Establish and sustain communication and relationships with partners who are regular space users.

REQUIREMENTS: Boston Mobilization and The City School seek a dynamic Interim Executive Director or Interim co-Executive Directors with meaningful management experience and a history of strong leadership, ideally in youth organizations.

Experience: – Substantial (3-5 years) experience effectively leading and managing a non-profit organization or the equivalent – Experience raising funds from institutional and individual donors – Experience managing budgets and overseeing the financial health of an organization – Excellent people skills, with experience supervising a diverse staff – Substantial experience in working with youth and community groups in an urban setting – Experience and relationships with Boston youth organizations and community organizing groups, community partners and stakeholders are a plus – Previous experience with transition management and strategic planning a plus Knowledge & Skills: – Demonstrated commitment to youth leadership, youth development, and social justice, including a strong social justice analysis – Ability to manage an agency in total; services, administration, finance, revenue generation, public relations, human resources, social services, outreach, systems and procedures – Commitment to develop and nurture staff to work effectively as a team and support collective decision-making and visioning. Ability to bring together a team with diverse populations with a variety of economic, cultural, racial and social backgrounds. – Ability to think broadly in order to support staff in carrying out programs and services – Excellent written and oral communication skills – Ability to work independently, create and implement workplans effectively, and provide high-quality leadership and work that staff and participants can depend on – Ability to work effectively with Board of Directors and Transition Committee

To apply:

Please submit your resume and cover letter by March 13, 2019 to hiring@thecityschool.org.

Boston Mobilization is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. People of color, women and gender non-conforming people, LGBTQIA+ people, working-class people, and people who have intersecting identities are strongly encouraged to apply.