Show me what courageous love looks like – this is what courageous love looks like!


Mari (left) receives the Courageous Love Award 2015 from Rev. Fred Small


At Boston Mobilization, we believe in recognizing and affirming the gifts of heart, leadership, community building and justice-making that we see in each other. So we are so thrilled that this past Sunday, Sub/Urban Justice Youth Leader Mari was honored with the Courageous Love Award by First Parish Cambridge, UU. Congratulations, Mari!

Mari is not the only member of our community whose work over the past months and years has helped to transform our world. Hers is not the only voice that has called for more justice; she is not alone in acting out of courageous love. Part of what makes her leadership so powerful is that she empowers others in their own leadership. We honor Mari’s work and also the work of so many others in our community.


Here are some of her remarks upon receiving the award:

I was volunteering at our school’s open house for incoming 9th graders when the dean of students pulled me aside and told me I had to go to her office the next day. When the dean of students tells you that you have to go to her office, most of the time, it’s not a good thing. But she reassured me and said that it was nothing bad. When the dean of students tells you that you aren’t going to her office for anything bad, especially after you led a walkout of about 400 people, you kind of end up having to figure out what “nothing bad” actually meant.


Mari, at a protest in Boston after the non-indictment of the police who killed Eric Garner, an unarmed black man.

Turned out, she put me through all that nerve racking stress to tell me that I would be receiving an award called “Courageous Love.” I want to be real with you all, I honestly believed she had the wrong person in the room. Never in a million years would I have thought that courageous love could describe me or any actions I’ve helped organize.

Nevertheless, I am quite grateful for receiving such an award, I accept it on behalf of all the people who are fighting in the struggle everyday. I accept this award, I do it on behalf of the communities that have been so alive and willing to support the message “Black Lives Matter.” I do it on behalf of black people everywhere who struggle everyday against this racist system, who do it with such courage and love. I accept this on behalf of all my brothers and sisters and siblings, who take to the streets peacefully and nonviolently, who take to the offices with passion, and who take to their communities with love….

We are a community of seven billion + people in this world. We are all mirrors of each other and we must love each other if we want to progress and really see the dismantling of systems.

Check out her full speech  from March 15th!

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