YOUTH VOTE Governor’s Forum

Noli leads the candidates in an icebreaker!

A week before election day, all four candidates for Governor stood before over 300 young people to be held accountable for their positions. Youth leaders asked the candidates questions about whether they would commit to supporting youth priorities on issues like affordable housing, the environment, public transportation, youth jobs, and youth workplace safety. Sub/Urban Justice youth leader Noli and alumna Lila were part of the team who planned the action. Noli co-facilitated the forum and Sub/Urban Justice youth staff Felix asked our question: 

Hello, I’m Felix from Sub/Urban Justice, a youth leadership nonprofit that serves eastern Massachusetts. I’m from Boston and I go to Buckingham Browne and Nichols. We’ve already made the easy choices – the Patrick administration has worked hard to eliminate Government waste.  The legislature just enacted welfare reform this past spring.  It’s time to make the tough choice, the choice that supports each of the different needs we’ve heard articulated tonight.  It’s time to address the budget shortfall that is pitting different youth needs against each other.

And it’s time to do it in a way that protects low-income residents of Massachusetts.  The sales tax doesn’t do it. The gas tax definitely doesn’t do it.  Even a flat income tax can STILL hurt low income residents.  Massachusetts can do way better. Massachusetts residents DESERVE better.

So, if elected, will you commit to putting new and fair revenue in your first Governor’s budget?

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