Advanced SJLI Winter 2019:

Concord Academy
 9AM – 7PM on Saturday, February 23rd 2019

Phillips Academy Andover
 9AM – 7PM on Saturday, April 27th 2019 

Early Bird Registration until January 11th 2019 (for Concord session)

or March 15th 2019 (for Andover session)

Early Bird Rate $225/student

Deadlines to Register: February 15th 2019 (for Concord session)

or April 19th 2019 (for Andover session)

Regular Rate $275/student

Register Here

The SJLI retreat explores highly integrated themes of student activism and social justice for deep analysis and skill-building. Each section involves activities and debriefs designed for whole-group, team, individual, affinity, school, and cross-school groupings. All activities are experiential (no lectures!) and tailored to expose injustices that are stereotypical, unique, stark, and subtle. Young people will be challenged to look at their communities with a critical lens, affirm participants’ experiences, explore new visions for justice and freedom, cultivate an expanded regional community, and create tangible action-plans to make social justice a reality in their schools. We include time for participants to rest and rejuvenate, develop a larger network of engaged friends, and cultivate the energy to begin or continue their journeys as young leaders at school, at home and in the world.

Specific location and directions will be sent out ahead of the Institute.  Attendance is mandatory for the entire Institute. Contact with any questions.

                                        Our Curriculum Framework:


Retreat Goal


Race, class, gender and sexual orientation interconnect to shape our lives and experiences.


Experiencing racism, sexism, classism and heterosexism brings up pain and anger, and we need to name and feel that in order to heal. We also can find joy in claiming and reclaiming our marginalized identities and stories, and fighting for justice.


Racism, classism, sexism and heterosexism are systems that have been created — historically and presently — partly by our perceptions and partly by the government, laws and media.


The ongoing result of social justice education must be action. We can and must educate and organize in our communities.  There are specific methods of creating effective change that we can learn.

Contact with additional questions.