Meet the Adult Support Staff!

Alongside the Year-round Staff of Boston Mobilization, Elizabeth and Chris, these staff members assist in facilitating the programming of the organization. This additional staff contributes academic, social, and developmental support to our high school interns. Any visitor to the Boston Mobilization office will see them running from SAT prep, to workshop development, and also just chatting with the interns.

These amazing people partnered with our organization through connections with local universities, volunteer services, and personal connections to Boston Mobilization.

One of them even interned with Boston Mobilization during high school! Below is a quick biography of each staff member and what they bring to the Boston Mobilization team:

Left to right: Lila, Mouhamadou, José, Megan, Damanpreet

Left to right: Lila, Mouhamadou, José, Megan, Damanpreet


Hi!  My name is Lila Bhide and I am so excited to be back at Sub/Urban Justice!  I have been involved with SubJ in different ways for a while now.  I did my Sub/Urban Justice Summer in 2009 and I stayed involved with SubJ through internships and YMORE while I was in high school.  I was also on the summer staff for Sub/Urban Justice and Summer Leadership Program during summer of 2013.  Currently I am working part time here at SubJ doing college and homework support, organizing, fundraising, curriculum development.  I also look forward to eating lots of apple slices! When I am not working here I am also in school at Oberlin College.  I am currently a double major in Environmental Studies and Politics.  I also love cooking, growing food and watching Law and Order.


I am a current Master’s in Divinity Studies student at Harvard Divinity School, studying the intersections of Islam, psychology, and embodied education. I first realised that my not being white mattered when I was first told that I only won a prestigious fellowship because of my race. This moment led to an immense feeling of anger and, sadly, I was not able to defend myself because I did not have the language to articulate what I was feeling. However, after spending the last several years taking coursework in critical race theory and religious education, attending workshops and conferences on systemic racism and oppression, as well as conducting research on systemic inequalities in Europe and the Middle East. At Sub/Urban Justice, I support college students with their leadership development concerning helping high school students with their college application process and providing social justice education.


My name is José García and I am a sophomore at Tufts University. I am planning on double-majoring in Peace and Justice Studies and International Literature and Visual Studies (ILVS) with a minor in Colonialism Studies. I am working with the teens at Boston Mobilization as part of my Tisch Scholar project this year through the Tisch College of Active Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts.

Apart from my involvement in social justice at Tufts through Tufts Labor Coalition and Students for Justice in Palestine, in my free time I enjoy working out, listening to music, and attending dance performances on- and off-campus.

As part of the Tisch Scholar program, I am required to partner with a non-profit organizatin oriented toward social justice issues. Boston Mobilization was my top choice as I was applying for a positon. I felt their philosophy in doing social justice work aligned well with mine. In the very first line of the description I received it explicitly stated that “We do not save teens.” This attracted me to organization from the beginning; I was confident that Boston Mobilization would be a space where I would not be operating as a force to “fix” issues, but instead that I would be supporting others in their social justice education, always recognizing the expertise that comes from each individual’s lived experience.

There often seems to be no limit to the number of social justice issues that spark my anger. However, I am most passionate about those issues that hit closer to home, such as discrimination and economic oppression in immigrant communities and communities of color, as well as sexual education for queer people (especially young people of color) and discriminatory policy that prevents minority groups from pursuing an education.

At Boston Mobilization, I support teens in their development as social justice activists and educators by providing knowledge from my lived experience and academic work, while not imposing my views and allowing them to use me as a sounding board from which to discuss their own take on the issues most important to them. Additionally, I provide college-prep help on occasion by proof-reading essays and acting as a resource for general questions related to the application process and social justice on a college campus. As part of a push for great outreach in Medford, I will be trained as a facilitator to lead discussion on social justice issues in churches and other organization that have demonstrated interest in such programming. By the end of the year I hope to have established a Medford chapter of Boston Mobilization with the help of Medford High School seniors while base-building with youth organizations and creating a database of allied groups that could continue to collaborate and facilitate social justice education and empowerment in the area.


Hi! My name is Megan Keenan, and I am excited to be a part of the support staff at Boston Mobilization this year.  I am a current sophomore at Boston College, majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Ethics and Social Justice and minoring in Medical Humanities with a concentration in Global Health.  I am volunteering at Boston Mobilization this year through a program called PULSE, which consist of a philosophy and theology course along with a service competent.  On campus I am a part of the women’s ultimate frisbee team and the community life council for the Residents Hall Association, which advocates for the student body working to address environmental and social justice issues on campus. I am passionate about many social justice issues, including race, gender, class, and the environment.  What gets me excited about social justice is looking at the intersectionality of these issues and how they impact modern social structures.  While my role at Boston Mobilization is to support the youth leaders and provide them with necessary guidance, I am also excited to learn from their expertise and understanding about certain social justice topics and about what brings them to the work of social justice.


Hello! My name is Damanpreet, and I am a senior at Tufts University, where I am studying History. I am thrilled to be at Boston Mobilization this year, as I am excited about education and its intersections with social justice work and its radical potential. I will be serving as Education Associate, and I hope to support young people with the SAT and college application process, as well as their social justice work. In both my academic and non-academic work, I am interested in understanding how notions of ‘criminality’ are often written into the narratives we are told as a society, and how such notions interface with issues of racism, classism, and combinations thereof. Additionally, I enjoy cooking and discovering new (and rediscovering old) music. 

He didn’t come on our picture day, but he’s still just as amazing as our other staff!

He didn’t come on our picture day, but he’s still just as amazing as our other staff!


Hola! I am Roberto, and I am currently a senior at Boston College. I study History and Theology, and I intend to go into a full-year service program after graduation, followed by law school (hopefully!). On my free time, I enjoy being active, whether that be playing basketball with my friends, going to the gym, or my favorite, cycling! I am also developing my skill of cooking. So far I have a few go-to dishes.

Through the service-learning program PULSE at BC, I have come to Boston Mobilization to serve as adult staff on Tuesdays. During my time here, I will assist in academic support, event facilitation, and workshop development. My interest in social justice revolves around immigration issues, seeing as my own family immigrated from Mexico. I seek to combine my Christian faith, community organization, and policy to further help the immigrant community in the United States. One thing I love about my time at Boston Mobilization is the number of justice issues that each person, no matter their age, brings to the table. Already I’ve been challenged to grow in knowledge of issues like gender, physical and mental capability, and age. Here’s to me learning more!

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