Immigrant Rights are Muslim Rights

Combating Islamophobia Teach-In, April 2017

“The revolution has always been in the hands of the young. The young always inherit the revolution.”

-Huey P. Newton

Immigrant rights are queer rights, Black rights, Muslim rights, women’s rights, trans rights, human rights, and more. Immigrants are our family members, neighbors and fellow students. Immigrants are full people, not caricatures or stereotypes. Our most recent national election caused feelings of unsafety in immigrant communities due to the increase of attacks on immigrant people, especially Black and brown Muslim-presenting people. President Trump’s failed Muslim ban reinforces the racist stereotypes Muslim Americans face everyday.

Our Muslim teens have spoken up about how they’ve been called names, targeted, and even been prevented from boarding airplanes. Here in the United States, various media sources have subjected Muslim Americans to verbal attacks. Because of the media’s great impact on public opinion, the violence so often portrayed through media is then recreated in real life. Discrimination and stereotypes affect our daily lives and marginalize the voices of Muslim Americans. Boston Mobilization supports the humanity and voices of immigrant people, especially those targeted under this new administration.

This April, Boston Mobilization youth utilized our passions for immigrant rights, culminating in our Teach-In on Combating Islamophobia. Teach-In facilitators lifted their voices and personal experiences to bravely share their stories. During the Teach-In, Nada and Iman narrated their personal stories of Islamophobia. Iman led participants in an activity where she asked us to question our own privilege and positionality. Minutes before we started the Teach-In, when asked to describe how we were feeling, we used words like “joyous”, “excited”, and “sunny.”

As immigrant rights are increasingly under scrutiny, it is everyone’s responsibility to stand up and speak out against injustice. Learning to recognize and challenge the individual, cultural and institutional manifestations of discrimination is crucial so that we can defend our  communities.  

-Christi, 20; Javier, 19; Sadie , 17

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